Notre Dame Takes Year Off from Shamrock Series

The Shamrock Series started in 2009 at the Alamo Dome and became a unique way for Notre Dame to reach its fans across the country. With interesting venues and special uniforms, the Shamrock Series has been a success since the beginning.

In 2007, the Irish are taking a break from the Shamrock Series to add an extra home game following the completion of the Campus Crossroads project. The following video is a tour of the previous eight Shamrock Series locations.

Notre Dame Hockey Sees Lowest Attendance in 6 Seasons

Notre Dame hockey’s regular-season average attendance hit its lowest point since the opening of the Compton Family Ice Arena in October 2011.

Despite the low turnout, the program is having one of its most successful seasons in years. The fourth-seeded Irish topped both the University of Minnesota and second-seeded UMass Lowell to head to the Frozen Four on Thursday, April 6, for the first time since 2011 and the third time in program history.

The following chart tracks the average attendance since the opening of the Compton Family Ice Arena six seasons ago.

CDC Report: America’s 10 Cities Dealing with a Drinking Problem

The following link is a StoryMap that provides information on data used to rank U.S. cities by their “drunkenness.” The data was provided by a Centers for Disease Control study on alcohol that ranked the cities based on liver disease, DUI arrests, etc.

Map by Teagan Dillon

10 Things to Do in South Bend in 2017

Whether you’re interested in art, nature or sports, South Bend offers a wide variety of activities and entertainment to meet the needs of its residents. From a newly enhanced Notre Dame Stadium to an exciting April lineup at the Morris Performing Arts Center, 2017 is packed with exciting opportunities to immerse in the city. By no means exhaustive, the following list provides 10 Things to Do in South Bend for people of all ages and abilities.

Map by Teagan Dillon